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Piping Music


Pipes are an increasingly familiar sight at funerals, a result of their evocative, sweet melodies.

You can choose to have the Scottish small pipes whose more mellow sound is ideal during a service.

Contact us for a discussion of your specific requirements.

You might choose to use a piper in the following ways:

• Playing laments outside the crematorium as mourners arrive and lay wreaths
• Leading the hearse from the crematorium entrance
• During the service as the coffin is lowered and the curtain is drawn.


Pipes can be used both inside and outside the church, in the following ways:

• Echoing hymns during the service
• Leading the coffin from the service to the hearse
• As the coffin is lowered into the ground, often to the tune of Sleep Deary Sleep
• As a distant back-drop whilst mourners pay their last respects.

Choice of music
The music at a funeral can reflect the unique personality of the deceased.

Flowers of the Forest and Dark Island are popular choices, but we welcome all requests, whether conventional or otherwise.