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Pipers Uniform

When Brian plays at your event, he will be impossible to miss: in his full uniform he stands over 7-foot tall. Full Highland Dress such as this used to be the norm. Today, it is very rare.

From the feet up, as this is the direction a piper dresses, the uniform itself comprises:
• hand-knitted tartan hose stockings sporting matching flashes, set up on blanco'ed traditional canvas spats
• a heavyweight 'weathered variation' kilt of the Anderson clan tartan
• a horsehair piper's sporran with a Scottish thistle motif
• a traditional military style black doublet with diamond shaped buttons and silver braid
• a cross belt and waist belt, hand-crafted to order by a leather saddler
• 13 feet of plaid in the same material as the kilt
• the plaid is held in place by a solid silver broach with a traditional thistle design and supporting a large amber coloured quartz central stone; bequeathed by Brian’s grandfather, it dates from the early 20th century
• a feather bonnet made from real ostrich feathers with a blue hackle.

This solid silver plaid broach was passed down to Brian from his Grandfather and probably dates early 1900s

Together with his pipes, made from African blackwood with
hall-marked sterling silver mounts, Brian’s uniform is an impressive sight.